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Why Salesdart?

Salesdart understands the requirements and complexities in generating revenue. Weve demonstrated our methodologies to be proven in growing businesses. We help our clients create compelling reasons why customers select their products and services. Salesdart places people, knowledge, process, and technology in position allowing an organization to manage, measure, monitor and improve their win rates.

A win rate is defined as the percentage of forecasted deals to an organization that ultimately closes those deals. Assume your organization has 25 sales reps, each with a $1M quota, selling deals that average $50,000 in value. Assume your organization has a win rate of 50%, a loss rate of 30%, and a no decision rate of 20%. To make quota, a sales rep would need to close 20 deals ($1M quota divided by a $50,000 average deal size).

To close 20 deals, a sales rep needs a forecast minimum of 40 deals (20 deals times a close rate of .5). A decrease in the no decision rate from 20% to 15% would mean that each rep would close two more forecasted deals in a year which would increase the business revenue by $5 M.

In achieving these types of results, as well as launching new products and services, Salesdart focuses on the core challenges for a business, sales manager, and sales representative to overcome.
Optimizing Sales Performance using Salesdart process-based selling methodologies, intelligence, and technology will greatly improve an organizations win rate!"

                      - Michael Biber

Sales Representative Challenges
  • Reduce Data Entry
  • Improve the ability to Continue to Learn and Increasing Selling Skills
  • Improve the ability to Properly Qualify Prospects
  • Improve the ability to Accurately Target Prospects
  • Improve the ability to Generate New Leads
  • Improve the ability to Align Solutions to Customers Needs
  • Improve the ability to Up-Sell and Cross-Sell
  • Improve the ability to Communicate Effectively
  • Improve the ability to Gain Access to Decision Makers
  • Improve the ability to Provide a One-of-a-Kind Buying Experience
  • Improve the ability to Consistently Close More Deals

Sales Management Challenges
  • Improve Forecast Accuracy
  • Improve the ability to Monitor Performance
  • Improve the ability to Clearly Understand Customers Buying Process
  • Improve the ability to Deliver a Consistent Message
  • Improve the ability to Competitively Differentiate Products/Services
  • Improve the ability to Sell Value/Avoid Excessive Discounting
  • Improve the ability to Share Best Practices Across the Sales Force
  • Improve the ability to Create/Maintain References/Case Studies
  • Improve the ability to Effectively Support Channel Partners
  • Improve the ability to Farm New Business from Existing Customers
  • Improve the ability to Renew Business with Existing Accounts
  • Improve the ability to Accurately and Easily Calculate Commissions
  • Improve the ability to Conduct Win/Loss Reviews
  • Improve the ability to Hire and Retain Sales Representatives
  • Improve the ability to Provide Training to Sales Representatives

Business Revenue Challenges
  • Increase Revenue Consistency and Predictability
  • Improve the ability to Effectively Introduce New Products
  • Improve the ability to Accurately Forecast Business
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