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How We Do It!
Salesdart understands the requirements and complexities in generating revenue. We've demonstrated our methodologies to be proven in growing businesses. We help our clients create compelling reasons why customers select their products and services. Salesdart places process, people, knowledge, and technology in position allowing an organization to manage, measure, monitor and improve their win rates.

Sports teams are like sales, they share successes and failures. Assembling the sales organization is essential, putting the right processes in place, people, knowledge, and technology to manage everything will help to establish a win going into the first game. Managing or not managing the process will create more wins, or losses.

Winning the championship will depend upon how well you are competing in the marketplace, and more importantly, what your organization can do to improve the teams results.

The majority of organizations are facing more challenges in selling. Success will depend upon the fierceness of your competitors, the quality of the products and services you provide, the strength of the economy, and a number of other factors beyond an organizations control.

Now, the quality and focus of your teams execution, the tools that support them, the leadership and coaching provided to them are all levers within an organizations grasp.

Here at Salesdart we focus on key sales effectiveness and initiative priorities, where we can provide solutions targeted to the sales representatives, manager, and business leaders. Tackling these areas in any organization, the priorities would include:
  • Identifying Key Sales Strategy Strengths and Areas for Improvement
  • Optimizing Lead Generation Programs
  • Revising and Improving Sales Process
  • Aligning Sales and Marketing
  • Reviewing and Improving Sales Team Structures
  • Analyzing Customer's Buying Processes
  • Improving Access to Relevant Information
  • Reviewing and Improving Channel Strategy
  • Evaluating / Implementing CRM Strategies and Tools
  • Enhancing Sales Team Communications
  • Reviewing and improving Compensation Programs
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In helping, our Solutions are broken down into the following areas:

Sales Representative Solutions
  • Sales Associate Services who perform administrative, sales support, research, and data entry tasks on their behalf of the sales team
  • Sales Rep Training & Mentoring
  • Account and Executive Intelligence
  • Lead Generation

Management Solutions
  • Salesdart Analytics
  • Sales Knowledge Center
  • Salesdart Insight
  • Salesdart Customer Relationship
  • Salesdart CRM Link
  • Sales Application Integration
  • People Sourcing
  • Content Optimization
  • PR and Marketing

Business Leadership Solutions
  • Strategic Planning
  • Vertical Industry Proven Sales Process
  • Salesdart 360
  • Market Research
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