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Training Courses
Salesdart Solutions

The Salesdart curriculum provides organizations and learners with an approach to sell through, focusing on success. It presents an overall process for successful selling and provides practical guidelines on how to plan, start and close all aspects of the sales cycle, as well as the skills needed to succeed at each stage. These include effective verbal and body language, listening skills, telephone skills, communications and proposal writing.

Courses are designed to leverage the Salesdart™ Blended Learning Approach, or to be used narrowly on the web or through instructors in the classroom.

Target Audience
New and experienced sales representatives, account managers, sales consultants and sales managers.

Target Skill Level
Entry and Intermediate level.

Course Catalog Titles
Course can be delived through Instructor Led, eLearning, or Blended Learning.

  • Basic Selling Skills
  • Developing Sales Skills
  • Crafting Your "Elevator Pitch"
  • Team Selling
  • Party Selling
  • Goal Setting and Action Planning Skills
  • Prospecting - 101
  • Prospecting - Getting To Senior Decision Makers
  • Sales Assessment
  • Sales Performance Management
  • Planning Strategically
  • Communication and Sales Presentation Skills
  • Creating a Branded Sales Process
  • From Sales Manager To Coach
  • Managing Global Accounts
  • Building A Sales Pipeline
  • Responding To Objections
  • Marshaling Internal Resources
  • Maximizing Face-To-Face Sales Calls
  • Sales Interviewing Skills
  • Identifying the Client Buying Process
  • Developing Top Performing Salespeople
  • Coaching Salespeople Through Slumps
  • Territory and Account Management
  • Time and Territory Management
  • Account and Relationship Management
  • Evaluating Sales Talent

For more information on pricing for Training Courses or to order, please contact Sales, or alternatively call 646-233-2555 to discuss your needs directly.

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