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Salesdart™ Blended Learning Approach

Blended Learning is defined as a learning solution, which includes face-to-face, live e-Learning, and self-paced learning.

At times, blended learning is also used to describe a combination of varied delivery media (Instructor led training and e-Learning) and a mix of technologies such as electronic performance support and knowledge management practices.

The Salesdart™ definition of blended learning comprises a mix of the following:

  • Varied delivery media: non-technology-based, on site & technology-based, and pure online deliver.
  • Varied learning events: self-paced, individual & collaborative, and group-based.
  • Electronic Performance Support (Instruction) and Knowledge Management (Information)

Like chemistry, blended learning is about combining the right elements to create a desired reaction. The sequence of mixing the elements is as important as the elements itself in order to meet the desired outcome. There is no one formula to achieve the desired outcome.

Factors such as Emotional Connection, Knowledge Acquisition, and Skill Development need to be considered before selecting the elements of a blended solution and applying the techniques to meet the business/learning result.

Emotional Connection:
For content areas that have a high degree of emotional connection to the learner, we recommend that learning be conducted in a face-to-face or group setting. Examples include changes in compensation plans, setting new strategy, or merging operations.
Skills Development:
Given the importance of the skill build relative to the job, we recommend a combination of online and facilitated learning the may involve an instructor or online coach to set the learning pace.
Knowledge Acquisition:
For content areas that have at their core knowledge transfer, we recommend referenceable objects located on a Learning Content Management System for easy access for the learner. This also saves development costs and speeds content acquisition for the learner.
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