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Keeping Sales People Productive
Salesdart Solutions

When it comes to keeping a large sales group up-to-speed, most companies rely on tools and strategies that are moderately effective, do not meet the speed-to-market requirements, or both. The result: frontline employees and channel partners are often ill equipped to effectively serve an informed customer, and money is left on the table.

Is it realistic to expect sales and service personnel to fully absorb e-mails, or to stay abreast of all new information posted to the company Intranet/Extranet?

Salesdart enables you to quickly create and deploy engaging sales knowledge, notify the target audience and measure the level of absorption without the need for any programming or IT involvement. At the same time, Salesdart provides quick access to product knowledge on-the-job, for performance support.

  • Develop interactive sales training that engages the sales learner and gets the point across
  • Provide relevant content to specific groups based on their profile
  • Deploy programs quickly, without programming or IT involvement
  • Measure how well learners absorbed the knowledge and produce reports
  • Create a collaboration session
  • Enable sales employees to share documents, ideas and best practices
  • Provide access to up-to-date documents and forms
  • Provide on demand access to courses, tutorials, documents, mentors and frequently asked questions

Take a look at our case studies, or better yet, talk to a Salesdart Representative today, to see how we can help you really get your frontline personnel up-to-speed.

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