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Is Your Partner Channel Synched?
Salesdart Solutions

The pressure is on to increase revenue, gain market share and create a competitive advantage. Your product offering is constantly changing and so are your competitors. In this environment of intense competition, keeping customers is a high priority. Knowledge has to flow quickly and effectively within your service and distribution channels. This frontline, where your customers interact with your extended enterprise must be completely up-to-speed. This is a daunting challenge and at the same time, an opportunity to win.

Facing these kinds of challenges, smart companies turn to Salesdart, the leader in Browser-based sales force knowledge transfer solutions. Salesdart products eliminate friction, enabling frontline personnel to access knowledge on demand, when they need it most and when retention is highest.

Salesdart enables you to quickly create and deploy engaging sales knowledge, notify the target audience and measure the level of absorption without the need for any programming or IT involvement.

Take a look at our case studies, or better yet, talk to a Salesdart Representative today, to see how we can help you really get your frontline personnel up-to-speed.

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