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Dispersed Salesforce
Salesdart Solutions

Wouldn't it be great to share vital product or strategic knowledge globally in an engaging interactive format? Wouldn't it be great to train sales personnel and Channel partners on new product features without flying them to a central location for 3 days of classroom training? Yes, it would. Now, imagine if you could do this via a Web-browser.

You can. Salesdart enables you to quickly create and deploy engaging e-learning, notify the target audience and measure what they have learned, without the need for any programming or IT involvement, all via a Web-browser. At the same time, ForceTen enables your workforce to easily access and review the content on-the-job, when they need it.

  • Develop interactive e-learning that engages the learner and gets the point across
  • Provide relevant content to specific groups based on their profile
  • Deploy programs quickly, without programming or IT involvement
  • Measure how well learners absorbed the knowledge and produce reports
  • Create a virtual classroom or collaboration session
  • Enable employees to share documents, ideas and best practices
  • Provide access to always up-to-date documents and forms
  • Provide on demand access to courses, tutorials, documents, mentors and frequently asked questions

Take a look at our case studies, or better yet, talk to a Salesdart Representative today, to see how we can help you really get your frontline personnel up-to-speed.


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