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Sales Infrastructure
Salesdart Solutions
Salesdart will develop the necessary sales infrastructure to support your organization's sales efforts, including the following:

Thematic Sales Pitches - Salesdart will work with your organization to develop targeted sales pitches. By targeting sales pitches, you can build stronger relationships and become focused on key topics for potential clients. Topics can vary depending on the media focus and can be customized for use in different vertical publications.

Sales Process - Salesdart will work with your organization to develop a selling process that is strategic, measurable and repeatable.

Email List Building - Salesdart will work with your organization to build an in-house contact list of information, including email addresses. Salesdarts new unique methodology service and product, will match your organization list and verify email addresses and obtain the permission needed to market to potential new customers through lower cost online marketing channels.

Contact Lists Building - Salesdart will help your organization with all aspects of acquisition of contacts for email marketing campaigns, and provide targeted lists that focus on target verticals.

More Information
For more information on Sales Infrastructure Services, please contact Sales, or alternatively call 646-233-2555 to discuss your needs directly.
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