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Product/Service Roll-Out
Salesdart Solutions

Your new web-based software system has to be rolled out to your 500 channel partners in 6 weeks, the application is only 75% complete, and you need to develop the knowledge transfer yesterday.

When challenged with this kind of scenario, you need Salesdart, our Browser-based Knowledge Platform for development, delivery and tracking of e-learning and performance support. Salesdart is the new paradigm in rapid development of sophisticated e-learning strategies including software simulation. Salesdart enables instructional designers, developers, testers and reviewers to collaborate on the Web, using built-in workflow tools to deliver e-learning in the tight timeframes of todays business requirements.

In addition, Salesdart uses a fully object-based model and separates content from structure, allowing fast, easy updates throughout the development process. You can start development, knowing that changes will be needed when the product or software application is completed, because making the revisions will be a breeze. Whats more, Salesdart simulation content is plug-in free, so rolling it out is as easy as pointing to a Web-site, and producing reports by clicking on the desired menu item.

Take a look at our case studies, or better yet, talk to a Salesdart Representative today, to see how we can help you really get your frontline personnel up-to-speed.


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