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Salesdart Insight
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Salesdart Insight, is an "information discovery and analysis" application to analyze and uncover important trends in customer and employee feedback. Salesdart's Insight enables organizations to crawl all of the disparate, unstructured data, automatically identify and extract key concepts (i.e., the key product and service issues) from all feedback sources and then categorize the results into a logical category structure using an interface that allows for viewing the results from the previous unstructured, disparate data.

The company can now view all of their "feedback" information using a single interface that can "map" relationships of a variety of different issues. They can realistically create any "view" of any identified data points and spot trends to analyze further or upon which to take appropriate action.


  • Increases customer, employee and partner satisfaction.
  • More flexible analysis and response capability
  • Improves executive visibility into internal operations.


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