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Salesdart 360 - Performance Management
Salesdart Products
To accelerate growth, you need to manage and develop the skill set of your sales force, and do it strategically. The Salesdart 360 module gives you a precise assessment of the skills your entire sales force has and needs in order to reach its sales goals. And since the module tracks skills at the employee level, it's a powerful tool when you're making important management decisions.

For instance, by comparing your organization's sales goals to your organization's skill inventory, you'll be able to identify skill and performance gaps quickly and deliver sales, product, or service training to bridge those gaps. Likewise, by comparing individual skill sets with the sales requirements, you'll be able to accurately identify the right person for the right job.

Additionally, you can encourage your sales force with targeting development plans and by tracking their progress and measure them through flexible 360-degree evaluations.

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