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Customer Relationship
Salesdart Products
Salesdart helps in Maximizing your CRM Investment!

Salesdart seeks to optimize your business being a CRM services provider focused on delivering value-add sales force solutions to middle-market companies.

Our team of seasoned IT professionals has delivered over 300 CRM engagements worldwide. This extensive experience allows us to leverage our expertise and best practices know-how for the benefit of our clients.

We can help in the implementation, data integration, custom development of modules with enhancements that enable order entry and integration with ERP, integration with external customer prospecting databases, integration with Salesdart CRM Link, and accessing customer account information stored in legacy databases.

CRM Systems we support are (Please select the CRM logo to read more):

Microsoft Customer Relationship Management Microsoft Customer Relationship Management
WiredContact WiredContact

To note, Salesdart has expertise to address business needs with appropriate technical solutions - enabling a rapid return on investment for our customers.

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For more information on our CRM solutions, please contact our Sales Department, or alternatively call 646-233-2555 to discuss your needs directly.

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