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Salesdart Analytics
Salesdart Products
Salesdart Analytics, an integral part of the Salesdart product suite, is a complete solution for install enterprise reporting, analysis, and information distribution. It is designed to give line-of-business managers, sales, and marketing executives the power to analyze, understand and act on vital enterprise customer and market information.

With Salesdart Analytics, you can drive cost reductions, improve sales force performance, and increase revenue; measure the effectiveness of the sales force, e-learning sales training programs, and resources; and identify where and how the sales force is having an impact throughout your extended enterprise of employees, customers, partners and suppliers.

Salesdart Analytics is an open JAVA system that makes it easy to build custom reports and analyses as well as extract data into other data warehouses or analytic systems. It has extensive aggregation, grouping, filtering, drill down, drill up, charting, and subtotaling features. Salesdart Analytics conveniently leverages data from a new or existing deployment. The information and reporting infrastructure allows you to easily and rapidly access enterprise-oriented metrics in order to make strategic sales and marketing decisions.


  • Extensive business-analysis features enable decision-making
  • Intuitive business dashboards shorten the distance between data and understanding
  • Flexibility protects your enterprise investments
  • Scalable architecture supports analysis of global organizations
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