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PR andMarketing
Salesdart Services

Salesdart will develop the necessary infrastructure to support your organizations PR and Marketing efforts, including the following:

  • Message Development & Planning - Salesdart will work with your organization to understand existing positioning and solidify key PR and Marketing messages. This will ensure that tactical execution is aligned with goals and expectations.
  • Internal Audit/Press Kit Development - Salesdart will review your organizations existing PR materials, and develop a series of core PR materials, including a company profile, executive bios, and product overview, that reflect key messages as discussed. These documents will be added to your organization press kit, along with the official launch press release and any existing collateral.
  • Re-Position Website - Salesdart will review your organizations product and service overview and modify the website to reflect key marketing.
  • Email Campaign - Salesdart will assist your organization with a digital marketing campaign consisting of bi-monthly newsletters.
  • Postcard Campaign Salesdart will assist your organization and develop a postcard mailing campaign to expand marketing horizons.
  • Pre-Registered Press List & Media Database - Salesdart will obtain the media and press list for your organization.

More Information
For more information on PR and Marketing Services, please contact Sales, or alternatively call 646-233-2555 to discuss your needs directly.

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