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Content Optimization
Salesdart Services

Using Salesdarts advanced expertise and contact optimization, technologies combine to dramatically improve an organizations internal customer and prospect data. The result is a consistent, well-organized data set interconnected by global business taxonomies.

As a professional services project, Salesdart experts can transform disparate internal contact data, scattered across multiple databases, servers, and systems, creating a more complete, consistent, accurate, and interconnected data set.

The Salesdart's team compares client data against our extensive business taxonomy to identify gaps, duplicates and inconsistencies, and then standardizes analogous information fields across the internal databases. This includes reconciling variant company names, as well as the names of corporate subsidiaries and parents. Salesdart applies our business taxonomies to client data, creating an interlinked data set that can be explored and filtered quickly and accurately, providing better results in key information applications.

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For more information on Data Optimization, please contact Sales, or alternatively call 646-233-2555 to discuss your needs directly.

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