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Application Integration
Salesdart Services
Salesdart offers a versatile, value-based service for application integration that is supported through a Service Oriented Architecture for point-to-point integration of critical systems.

Salesdarts Integration Services team can set up an integrated, content-rich information solution tailored to an organizations specific needs while empowering the CRM systems, portals, and other enterprise applications. Salesdart can perform the integration as a full-service project or guide an organization development team through its own process. Salesdart follows a rigorous process that begins with identification of detailed integration requirements.

Salesdarts Integration Services features a real-time, event-driven, and message-based infrastructure for the cost-effective integration of multiple applications, both within and outside the organization. The result is a continuous increase in the return on your investments for data and IT systems, accelerating the "time to value."

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For more information on Application Integration, please contact Sales, or alternatively call 646-233-2555 to discuss your needs directly.
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