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Case Study Highlights:

ResDev, LLC.

Before Salesdart

20 Employees,
2 Contact Managers
5 Sales Agents

$10.5 Million

With Salesdart

120 Employees,
5 Contact Managers
75 Sales Agents

$36.5 Million

Timeframe: 1 Year

Key Accomplishments:

Automated Sales solution
Integrated Sales Strategy
Adaptive Sales Training
550,000+ contacts
Pipeline of $1.5 million per Direct Sales Agent per Quarter


Solutions: Integrated, flexible CRM technology solutions for direct sales, contracts management, sales strategy and planning, sales training.


Residential Land Owners, Real Estate Developers, Investors, Institutional Builders.

Salesdart Value

Acclamation Direct Sales Systems, Software and Support Quickly Develops Increased Revenues and Profits.

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Learn how Salesdart increased ResDev's revenue from $10.5M to $36.5M within 1 year.

You are about to read the first case study of a series that outlines a blue print of how Salesdart increased our client’s revenue rapidly.

  The Client

ResDev, LLC., a land development company located in the state of Florida, seeks ways to capitalize on the residential market to maximize profitability.

Since 1997, ResDev has been helping landowners get the fairest market value on their investment. From single-plot acquisition to large-scale development projects, ResDev has the experience and ability to get the most value from land assets.

The ResDev process sets them apart from others in their field where they have been involved in over 50 large scale projects in the Central Florida market. In summary:

  • ResDev has an extensive background from 150 lot subdivisions to major D.R.I.'s (Development Re Impact) with over 17,000 lots in 10,000 acres.
  • ResDev specializes in developments for large, national, and regional home builders. From a 20 acre site to a 20,000 acre site.
  • ResDev services include; consulting, brokerage, titling, and project management.
  • ResDev engages with some of the top developers in the country to assist in making their projects successful.

The Business Challenge

ResDev’s challenge was to scale their residential scattered lot market division by using reversed selling / buying strategies. To purchase and develop scattered lots across the state of Florida and turn them into developed homes, or funnel land to other developers and investors for similar development purposes.

The land and scattered lot development process is the cornerstone to ResDev’s business aligned with a unique process for data mining, acquiring, buying, selling, estimating, and developing homes. The endeavor required the research of scattered lot residential owners throughout the United States using processes and procedures that could be replicated.

Salesdart was brought in as a strategic partner and vendor to satisfy ResDev’s organizational growth by increasing their buying and selling capacity.

Some of the key objectives were:

  • To provide a streamline lead generation program with continued database development of over a million key land properties using Salesdart’s US and overseas infrastructure.
  • To provide methodologies and procedures for ResDev to initiate enquiries and close contracts from a direct buying process, to contract delivery, and to a post-buying support.
  • To provide strategic buying and sales processes, combining these with training and strategic planning to support over 15 land regions.
  • To calculate and report direct revenue targets and manage internal / external sales agents. Define targets while monitoring return rates and market conditions to the number of contracts per sales teams.
  • To integrate a full contract management processing system, with tracking, monitoring, and updates to include exports to other applications.

The Situation

ResDev needed to establish a number of sales and technology systems that would allow the business to scale:

  • US and overseas call center sales processes and procedures using blended learning to track certifications and assessments.
  • Internet, mailing, and telephone lead management systems.
  • Contract request management and processing systems.
  • Customer relationship management system.
  • Sales team recruiting, development, and planning.
  • Direct sales training and development of internal personnel.

These systems needed to be intergraded within one another to effectively manage contracts and customers.

The Actions

Salesdart developed several key systems to achieve the goals of ResDev:

  • Sourced direct sales teams in US, India, and the Philippines.
  • Strategic and operational direct sales planning and support.
  • Sales process management and training.
  • Continual improvement and development processes to maximize revenue.

The Results

ResDev achieved ROI on its investment in several ways:

  • Increase in direct sales team environment allowing revenue turnover to be tripled within 12 months.
  • Sales software systems management and support for the processing of contract requests thus shortening the request time from direct sales personnel to managers by 78%. This reduced the sales cycle time greatly.
  • Shortening time of direct sales personnel training to be productive by 66%.
  • Profit increases by nearly four times their original amount in less than a year.

The Process

ResDev achieved ROI through a defined sales process model developed specifically for them by Salesdart. Salesdart reviews and refines execution strategies for each client based on particular needs and requirements.

In the case of ResDev the following process was followed:

1. Startup: ResDev specific needs were based around the process model they already had in place. Salesdart did an analysis to define a number of ways to scale the business which required outlining of processes, procedures, and technology for each neighborhood team. As a company focused on buying scattered lots from the general public, Salesdart was faced with a unique challenge of finding sales agents who understood the buying as well as selling of real estate. Salesdart hired MBA graduates in both the Philippines and India to work with the US based managers. Well detailed education information and scripts were developed around loosely defined criteria to be structured in a way to allow overseas agents to fluidly explain the purpose of the enquiry to the customer. The descriptive nature of this campaign required a lot of creative explanation on behalf of the agents to convert an enquiry into a sale.

2. Land / Contact Data Scripting and Land Value Estimation: To target land owners, ResDev purchased lists and matched land owners to county tax records. Salesdart streamlined the process and reduced time and costs by using overseas researchers and data scrapers to mine the land owners. Salesdart trained the researchers in matching records quickly; collecting required information, including phone records, to pre-populate the system. ResDev used this information to do land value, “floor and ceiling”, estimations without the need to physically see the land site.

3. Technology: ResDev was using an internal home grown CRM application to manage over 750,000 land properties. To scale the business, Salesdart defined technology process and re-designed the application creating a system to effectively manage all the required information.

4. Training & Education: Clear training and education plans were required to ensure each agent fully understood each neighborhood specific approach as well a full concept of sales in this environment. All training was strictly monitored with the need for agents to pass a written and practical examination before being allowed to work on behalf of ResDev. After classroom based training was completed, the team managers would carry out on the job training in order to further and continually improve agent skills. The training and education program reduced the training turnaround time from “initial hire” to “on floor” by 50% and reduce the required retrain rate by 68%. Continual pre and post shift training created a “part of the process” initiative that further reduced the retrain rate requirement by an additional 34%.

5. Model Analysis: ResDev’s initial model for the process was based on onsite location approach with agents managing their own productivity without much interaction with other agents. Procedures & Structure were introduced that allowed a team model to be established whereby onshore and offshore personnel were combined in a team/ manager scenario. This allowed key personnel off shore to drive leads allowing the manager onshore to concentrate on closing additional business. By having a team of 5 to 10 agents per manager or administrator ResDev was able to considerably cut the cost of agents and increase the productivity of managers in closing business. This greatly improved the lead generation process, shortened the time of direct sales follow-up and close periods of managers by nearly 62%. This alone allowed the productivity and output of managers and administration to increase by 100% doubling the amount of closed business while reducing team costs by on average 30-40%.

6. Team Management: While managing the team remotely is important to ResDev in maintaining the information flow, off-shore management is the key in making sure the cogs for the wheel are continually oiled and maintained. Salesdart identifies, understands and promotes the use of onsite management. Not only does this allow for direct contact of team managers with a manager in the field but it removes the added burden of agent managers measuring an monitoring team targets. Based on the principle of “measure it, monitor it, or forget it” an onsite managers sole responsibility is to ensure the agents are working diligently while maintaining goals and targets, They perform before and after shift meetings to spread the learning for the day with other agents as well as training updates and identification of strengths and areas of improvement to maintain consistency within the team. Team productivity improved by 62% and was maintained over time using this method.

7. Reporting & Contract Management: While the technology provided by ResDev managed the lead distribution process the automated system access CRM system provided by Salesdart reduced the contract request and turn around time for actual revenue by 54%. This system allowed agents to send information directly to managers by completing an online request form. The automated system generated the appropriate email to the correct manager cutting the reporting time by agents allowing them to make more calls and enquiries and spend 15% less time on paperwork. WE web-based nature of the system facilitated the many geographic location of the agents and the managers in maintaining real time information ad work flow.

8. Feedback & Improvement: Implementation of continuous improvement programs at the team, lead management and corporate level identified performance and process improvements that over time led to the improvement of completion rates by 50% and the reduction in lead drop rates of 72%. This added nearly a 42% increase in bottom line turnover for the organization.

Our defined process for this client highlights its success. The innovation used to on and offshore management process defined the ability to turn multiple teams into successful sales drivers while using minimal and more cost effective onshore personnel. The end result is increasing revenue at the same time reducing costs to allow increase profit per contract.


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