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At Salesdart, we realize every industry has specific goals and specific challenges to overcome revenue targets when selling. To address these special needs, Salesdart has designed and deployed industry-specific sales and marketing solutions that allow organizations to achieve their goals more efficiently and at a lower cost. Under our “Gets Vertical” program, Salesdart has created more than 24 targeted industry-specific sales and marketing campaigns.

This will allow Salesdart to partner with your organization mounting targeted, measurable, and cost-effective direct sales campaigns to communicate your message to the people who need to hear it. We will organize and execute a campaign that takes your company to the next level by building awareness of your products, services, and value proposition within targeted industries.

Our Salesdart’s Gets Vertical Campaigns include:

  • Strategic planning and the use of our campaign templates for a select business to
    business executive’s audience for your products and services being sold.
  • Use of our sales processes and methodology to executed a theme (hype) that changes every 12 weeks (quarterly).
  • Weekly covered specific topics that are overlaid through newsletters, press releases, postcards, webinar, trade shows, case studies, white papers, telephone pitches, scripts and voices messages, and email and written letters to the targeted audience. (Everything that touches the intended audience).
  • Intelligence gathering to learn how your clients are buying and when they are buy.
  • Articulate sales forecasting to allow you to move into leadership position.

As well, these Salesdart Campaign Services includes:

  • Lead Generation / Lead Qualification.
  • MBA Appointment Setting / Business Development Services.
  • Overseas agent relocation where our reps come in house at your location.
  • Content writing and design for press releases, postcards, scripts, etc.
  • Competitor Intelligence gathering.
  • Sales Analysis.

Sales analysis will determine:

  • Length of your sales cycles (both actual and desired).
  • Efforts and costs required to close deals.
  • Number of leads, appointments, client pitches that are required to close
  • Determine the annual sales expectations for a single sales representative.

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