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  Impact of Recent Legislation on Market Research


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Recent legislation designed to prevent unwanted solicitation calls and emails to consumers, has been a controversial topic for many market research service providers. Many feel these laws are harming legitimate data collection and putting a damper on the economy.

Salesdart has examined the impact these new laws have on market research.
Impact of Recent Legislation on Market Research

In March 2003, President Bush signed legislation creating a national telemarketing "Do-Not-Call" Registry. The DNC Registry applies to anyone who sells goods or services through interstate phone calls. It includes telemarketers who solicit consumers on behalf of third-party sellers, and sellers who provide goods or services to consumers in exchange for payment.

Nearly 50 million Americans have placed themselves on the National Do Not Call Registry, in an effort to keep the phone solicitors at bay. What's more, the government's new Telemarketing Sales Rule requires marketers to undertake the onerous and costly task of checking their lists against the Do Not Call list each quarter and purge any proscribed numbers.

There are exceptions, even if the consumer has signed on to the DNC Registry:
  • Sales calls are allowed if a business relationship of 18 months has already been established with the consumer.
  • Contact is allowed for up to three months after the consumer has made an inquiry or submitted an application to a company.
  • The consumer may be called if he or she has given written permission that contact may be made.

However, political organizations, business-to-business companies, charities and telephone surveyors are exempt from the DNC legislation. The legislation allows calls to the home from market research firms that are not selling a product, but this fact has not been publicized widely, and some firms are finding that consumers who enrolled are irate about getting legitimate fact-finding inquiries.

Unfortunately, the public does not understand the difference between telemarketing calls and research calls. Many research respondents often request to “be put on your Do Not Call list.” Recognizing the confusion in the marketplace, Salesdart has established a business practice to maintain and administer a DNC list. If a respondent requests to be put on our DNC list, interviewers explain they are not selling anything and are strictly interested in the respondent’s opinion. They emphasize research calls are exempt from the laws that...

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