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  Top 10 Ways To Reduce Sales Costs and Improve ROI


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Executives have been fantasizing about the next revolution in sales productivity - getting more output from the same investment in capital and labor. Increasing gross revenue is only half the battle. Unless organizations simultaneously control or reduce costs and minimize your utilization of assets, your efforts my produce fewer profits than before.

Salesdart has come up with a list of ways to reduce sales costs and increase ROI.
Top 10 Ways To Reduce Sales Costs and Improve ROI

Higher success rates. One strategy to reduce sales costs is to "spend more to get more," that is, to invest in professional, consistent prospect feedback that will improve both the volume and capture of future opportunities. By understanding the reactions and judgments of prospects regarding its service offerings and sales approach, a service company can recalibrate its marketing themes, enhance its products and train salespeople more effectively.

Increasing profitability by increasing customer loyalty. Research has shown that 80% of sales are made to 20% of customers, and these 20% often generate more than 80% of profits. 30-50% of sales costs and customer service costs are wasted in efforts to acquire, develop, and keep these very customers. And customer loyalty is related to how satisfied these customers are.

Activity Management. To reduce its sales costs, companies must minimize the time that sales professionals spend on routine chores and maximize the time they spend actively selling. Sales reps are burdened with many activities throughout the day and have no way to schedule simple "to-dos", delegate actions, or manage complex tasks. To ensure productivity and efficiency, organizations must ensure that sales professionals do not spend costly sales time on coordinating routine tasks and activities.

Optimize your sales process. Today's business environment demands an optimized sales force. Often the first point of contact between you and your customers, the sales force plays a critical role in facilitating awareness of your products.

Efficient, cost effective lead generation. During mid 1990s, many companies invested heavily in developing sophisticated in-house lead generation systems, inside sales teams and outbound call centers, but within the last 3 years many of these same companies have drastically reduced or totally eliminated their inside sales force in an effort to cut the high fixed costs associated with running an inside sales operation. By outsourcing their sales lead generation; companies are able to realize even more cost savings and flexibility while still providing the same level of support to the field sales force.

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