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Salesdart Plans to Fully Integrate into Salesforce.com.
Salesdart will automatically populate B2B intelligence data and sales leads into the Salesforce.com

RED BANK, NJ, November 29, 2006 Salesdart, Inc., a leading provider of sales force solutions and tools; announced its plans to fully integrate their business to business sales leads and intelligence data into Salesforce.com.

Salesdart is currently supporting their clients lead generation programs using outbound call center representatives to populate the lead data for sales professionals in Salesforce.com.

When the integration is completed, Salesdart will be able to automatically populate key executive contacts with biographical data into the Salesforce.com user's database.

Michael Biber, CEO of Salesdart said, Our pricing model will be broken down into two categories with one being similar to Salesforce.com monthly subscription rates, making our services more appealing to smaller clients. Enhanced intelligence will be priced separately depending upon the clients needs.

Salesdart already sells a product called the Universal Application Link to allow integration for enterprises with their current CRM systems like Microsoft CRM, and also plans a link with Siebel and PeopleSoft.

About Salesdart
Salesdart is a leading provider of sales force solutions and intelligence tools enabling organizations to leverage Sell Through as a strategic advantage. Salesdart objective is to improve their customers sales revenues, allowing sales personnel to concentrate on closing deals. Salesdart products and services support the sales organization business processes, including finding and leveraging new opportunities with a parallel information database encompassing company profiles, industries, executives, news, and intelligence.

For more information, visit www.salesdart.com.

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