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About Salesdart

Located in Charlotte NC, Salesdart is a leading provider of sales force solutions and tools to organizations seeking to leverage “Sell Through” as a strategic advantage. Our objective is to help customers sell more of whatever they sell and help expand the company's capacity to employ the power of knowledge throughout an organization.

Salesdart was created with the belief that selling is a combination of knowledge, methodology, process, and people. Salesdart assists organizations of all sizes, across a broad spectrum of industries, to increase their sales revenues through the implementation of qualified intelligence, enhanced sales processes, methodologies, best practices, and tools.

Salesdart, a privately-held corporation, has succeeded in forging important strategic alliances, and has established a strong customer base.

Our Vision

At Salesdart, our foundation is sound and our vision for the future, crystal-clear. It is all about taking the complex process of knowledge transfer and making it simple, affordable and most importantly very effective.

At Salesdart, our technology and methodology are future-oriented, and born out of the following guiding principles:

  • The pervasive network enables direct access to an organizations knowledge base
  • Knowledge is 'dynamic', and content must be easy to update
  • Systems must support effective knowledge management and learning strategies
  • Good technology is measured in terms of simplicity, ease of use and power
We will strive to create exceptional value for our all of our stakeholders through continued innovation, effective management and the development of positive relationships.
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